Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Power of Choice

I have finally figured out why sages and gurus are always portrayed in advanced years, it’s because you really don’t start figuring out life until its coming to an end. One lesson that life has taught me is the power of personnel choice. Throughout this life we run across situations where we deicide our reaction, we can decide to be offended, out of place, or shunned. It is up to us to determine the personal impact of these situations. The best example happened on my way back home from Provo on Saturday. I had my three girls in the car and was pulling into the car pool lane to start the journey home. About 10 min later this truck comes speeding up behind me and starts flashing his lights at me, obviously he’s thinking I’m too slow to be considered a car pooler. Then he crossed the double white line to pass me and while doing so gave a not so nice gesture. Well my first response was to speed up and let him know what I thought but remembering that I decide how situations affect me I calmed down. We decide to be offended, we decide to get angry, and we decide to feel like an outcast. By letting others affect our mood we give them power over us and in the end that helps no one.

Friday, September 11, 2009

This blog

Ok I am making this blog to use as my brain dump station. I have my other blog for my “family necessitated postings” of soccer games and cute kid pics. This blog with be more of my thoughts. I have to give credit to my friend Bryan for this as he uses his blog to express his thoughts and I find this idea appealing but wanted to keep it separate. My first post is on the subject of obsession. Now I will not mention names to protect the “innocent” here but I have noticed lately that us as humans are obsessed with being obsessed. This means that we find something that occupies most of our energy. This could be movies, members of the opposite sex or sex, religion, politics, work, you name it there are a ton of things that obsess us. What I have realized is that the object of that obsession is not important really, it’s the category of obsession. For example, someone could be so obsessed about a certain musical band and it takes up every thought and purchase for 2 weeks and then something happens and it’s on to the next item of obsession. What is the constant in this equation? That’s right boys and girls it’s the obsession it’s self. This leads me to think about the power of obsessions and how it affects our lives and priorities, since we know we must have an obsession is our obsession focused on the things where we need them?